When planning for your boudoir session, whether this is your first or fifth one, it can be extremely intimidating and/or stressful; trust me, I get it because I've been there. It can be especially nerve wracking when you're trying to figure out what you need to bring: lingerie, props, jewelry, etc. I mean, how does one woman keep all of this in order??

Just relax.. I'm here. I love getting on the phone with my clients the day before our session if needed, and my women's only Facebook group is full of tips and tricks to help you out, too! 

I recommend not waiting the day of to pack for your session. Chances are, you have a morning session anyway, so you would have little to no time at all to ensure that you have absolutely everything you need. I would personally have everything packed no later than 8:00pm the night before. And hones, you really don't need a whole lot! You'll really only need one pair of black and one pair of nude thongs, 3-5 outfit choices, one pair of heels, and a couple pieces of jewelry. And don't worry, we talk about this a lot during your in-person styling and wardrobe consultation! 

While most of us focus on what we should bring to our session, it's also so important that we focus on what we shouldn't bring to our session.

1.) An overwhelming amount of jewelry.

Jewelry is a delicate thing when it comes to being in boudoir photos. It can really put some zing and zang into your photos- giving them the right amount of pop! It looks good. It makes you feel good. And I know how tempting it is to bring everything in your jewelry box! Don't do this. You're just going to overwhelm yourself and/or start doubting your outfit choices! Just bring one or two pieces of something really nice. Also, keep in mind that I also have a small collection of jewelry for you to choose from!

2.) Distracting Props.

Some women really do need to bring props for their sessions, especially if this is for someone else! However, don't get too carried away with that. Even if these photos are for someone as a gift, at the end of the day, we know that- they'll know that. We don't want to get so many shots of you and that prop, or just the prop, and lose focus on what the true subject is... YOU.

3.) Children.

Please leave your children at home.. lol. You'd think this would be common sense, right? And I get it, really. Sometimes babysitters fall through last minute, they're expensive, you're exclusively breastfeeding, etc. I'm not judging you, however, this is a very intimate session, and especially if your child is older than just a few months old, you're going to chasing after them, answering a bunch of questions, etc. This day is about being pampered and not worrying about anything!!

And not only that, but I'm concerned for my business' safety, too. Especially if you plan on having any nude, or more-than-risqué photos taken, I really can't allow any minors in the studio. And even if it weren't for that aspect of my business, if I'm photographing you and you're in front of my camera, you can't possibly be watching your child 100% of the time. My studio is... fragile. And so is your child. I would hate for any accidents to occur while we were busy photographing.

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What a Boudie Session with R.H.L Boudoir Includes:

💋 In person wardrobe & styling consultation

💋 The R.H.L Makeover with Melissa Cook (prof. hair & makeup)

💋 1.5-2 hours of luxury shooting time

💋 2-3 outfits

💋 All images are culled and professionally retouched

💋 Private, in person ordering appointment

*My Boudie Session retainer fee is $399.00 and includes what is listed above; it does not include any digital images or products. Those are purchased separately. Please keep in mind that the average R.H.L client invests a minimum of $1,500.00 after they've paid the non-refundable retainer fee.*