Are you wondering what a photoshoot with me is like??

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From Beauty to Bombshell...

Let me make this VERY clear... nobody is making you beautiful; you already ARE. What happens during a session in the R.H.L Lounge is simply just giving you the opportunity to play dress up and be glammed up!

Checkout some of my client's transformations below:

Thank you SO much to these gorgeous vixen's for allowing me to show off our mad skills!

I work with only the VERY best hair and makeup artists and you can specify if you want a more natural look,

super glamified, or in between, or even false lashes (included).

Your Photoshoot Experience...

Hair & Makeup

My full, luxury experience includes hair & makeup. This is also included with the Goddess by the Sea collection. How often do we get to pamper ourselves for a day and enjoy a day of being glammed up?? Rarely, if ever, right? This adds to your relaxing and enjoyable experience, while also providing a fantastic opportunity to alleviate any pre-shoot jitters. Whether you prefer a subtle, natural appearance or a dazzling bombshell look, rest assured that our artists will cater to your desires with expertise and finesse. You're in capable hands for an unforgettable transformation!


While I recommend bringing a minimum of 5 wardrobe looks, I also offer closet items! I have a fluffy robe, fur coat, some one pieces, and a few other options for you, too. You can go in your birthday suit, wear a gorgeous gown, or something in between like a killer lingerie set. This is YOUR session. We'll tailor it how you wish.


Don't ya worry 'bout a thang! I truly hope that Stevie Wonder just played through your mind ;) But seriously, I've got you! I would be absolutely insane if I expected all of my clients to show up and know how to pose their bodies and their faces. I'm here to coach you through your ENTIRE session. From styling, posing, facial expressions, and even when you come back to view your photos ('cause sometimes the slideshow can be tricky ;p)!

You Are an Art Piece.

Every single time you look at the image on your wall, or the book on your bedside table, you will be reminded of how brave, beautiful, and strong you are. You'll be brought back to how empowering this entire day was! I have plenty of gorgeous products you're able to upgrade to or add-on to your collection after viewing your images.

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