How do I hide belly fat yet still honor my curves in my photos?

First, we need to get you out of the mindset that boudoir photography is only for women who wear size 2 or smaller; that just isn't true. In fact, a majority of my clients are considered "curvy". And I put that in quotation marks because society has labeled your average weighing women as "plus sized" or "curvy"... *insert eye roll here, please*

Secondly, I'm here to bust a myth for you: boudoir photography does not require tons and tons of Photoshop to turn you into something you are not! Some photographers work like that, others offer it as an additional service, but I do not run my business like that. If you're reading this email, chances are you're on a self-love journey and we have the same beliefs when it comes to body image. So if you're here for empowerment, going to a photographer who will change everything about you probably isn't the best fit for your vision.


The women who trust me enough to take their images, edit them, and deliver quality products and a luxury service are women who work 9-5 jobs. Are moms. Have husbands/wives. And most of them are average sized women. I rarely ever work with professional models who know how to pose, who know how to d their own makeup, etc. 

Wanna know what the key is to unlock these glorious images??'s me. Your photographer.

You need someone who will value proper posing, the perfect outfit, and the perfect lighting. Did I mention that you also need someone who's hyping you up the entire time reminding you that you are sexy as you now?!

If you don't have any of that, or just one out of four of those factors, your images will not look right. I don't use filters. I don't change body types. And I make sure you still look like YOU in your final results. It's one thing to have your images look good, but it's another to have you actually feeling good during this session!! If you FEEL good, you're going to rock your boudie session with me- it's just fact!

Remember, you're going to be wearing the skin you're in for a long time. And it is going to be constantly changing... I will always preach learning to love yourself now- not when you lose or gain weight. Not when you get your breasts done. And not when you think you'll start to love yourself again. 

When you are ready to start showing yourself love, you know where to book!

What the R.H.L Experience Includes when you book a full session 💋

💋 Professional hair and makeup

💋 Wardrobe consultation 2 weeks before session

💋 2 hours of shooting in a luxury studio setup

💋 2-3 outfits

💋 Expert posing system designed for every body type

💋 Professional editing and retouching of your images

💋 And a Private ordering appointment 3-4 weeks after session to view and purchase your final images

Collections start at $499.00. View all of the collections here

Think you'll need some time to invest in your finished artwork?

Ask about my alternative payment options! I offer 3, 6, 9 and 12 month payment plans: Stripe and Square. (you can also use Affirm or Klarna 😘).