top 10 favorite poses for clients at R.H.L Boudoir:

1. The Bridget (Sitting Poses - Favorite Warm Up!)

  • Have the client sit comfortably, cross their legs, and play with different hand placements.
  • Encourage a relaxed and natural expression to capture the warmth and comfort of the moment.

2. The Mina (Sitting in a Chair - Very Powerful Shot!)

  • Place the client in a chair, emphasizing their posture and confidence.
  • Experiment with different angles to showcase strength and power in the pose.

3. The Melissa (Laying on Your Back)

  • Create a sensual and intimate atmosphere with the client laying on their back.
  • Play with lighting to enhance shadows and highlights, highlighting the curves of the body.

4. The Holly (Angled from Above)

  • Capture a unique perspective by shooting from an elevated angle.
  • This pose adds a touch of mystery and intrigue, emphasizing the beauty of the subject.

5. The Brandi (Sitting Criss Cross Applesauce)

  • Achieve a playful and carefree vibe with this cross-legged sitting pose.
  • Encourage the client to engage with the camera through eye contact and subtle expressions.

6. The Betty (Sitting with Booty to the Camera)

  • Showcase the client's curves and confidence by having them sit with their back to the camera.
  • Experiment with over-the-shoulder glances for a sultry look.

7. The Amanda (Propped Up on Knees, Twist Towards Camera)

  • Create dynamic movement by having the client twist their body towards the camera.
  • Use props to add interest and encourage a natural, candid feel.

8. The Raven (Plopped in a Chair and Getting Comfy)

  • Capture a candid and relaxed moment by having the client settle into a comfortable chair.
  • Emphasize the natural beauty of being at ease.

9. The Keely (Sitting on the Edge of a Chair)

  • Showcase elegance and sophistication with a pose on the edge of a chair.
  • Experiment with different hand placements and expressions for variety.

10. The Laura (Sitting on Your Hip)

- Create a visually striking pose by having the client sit on one hip.

- This pose accentuates curves and adds a touch of playfulness to the shot.