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Are you a curvier woman thinking about booking your very own Sarasota Boudoir Session? Are you thinking to yourself "I should really lose weight first, though" or "there's no way I could be sexy enough for something like this"?

I am here to say that -

1.) Boudoir is for everyone and every body.


2.) Whether you choose to shed a couple of pounds or not - you will be sexy in your photos.

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""Honestly, you're in the best hands with R.H.L Boudoir. I have years of experience when it comes to working with curvy woman, and I am very confident that I can pose anyone that walks through my door.""


There are still some things you can do to help yourself feel confident and sexy as well!

So I'm sharing my hottest tips to help my mid to plus size babes! I understand that having a boudoir session can be very nerve-wrecking because this is not an everyday event. So read the tips below!

Trust Your Photographer

Trust me. It's that simple! You've seen my work. You've read the testimonials. You're still reading for a reason, right?! When we begin your session, if there's ever a time when I ask you to pose a certain way and you're like "what. the. hell..?" I need you to just go with it!

You think I'm gonna pose you, take your photo, and not have you looking sexy as hell?! It is literally my life's mission to make you LOVE your images, so I am going to be going above and beyond to ensure that you look amazingggg!

Respect Your Curves

The #1 thing I tell all of my curvy Goddesses is: "Stop hiding your amazing body!!"

Seriously! Even if your goal is to lose 20 pounds by the end of the year, your curves are not going to disappear the day of your session- so what's the point in hiding them?

Also, the body that you have now deserves just as much love and attention as the body that you are aiming to have. As women, we already have social media, magazines, others, and ourselves, telling us that we need to be 100 pounds in order to be beautiful. And let me just say this: it's bullshit. Complete bullshit.

Invest in some Teddies or Bodysuits

If you're really not sure about showing off all of your curves, try wearing some one-piece lingerie options like a Teddy or bodysuit! I would recommend investing in some high-quality ones, like from Honey Birdette.

Better quality lingerie options are always what I recommend, but especially for curvier or more petite women, these high-end lingerie companies really know how to hug body types correctly.

These teddies or bodysuits really know how to slim down the midsection while also making your curves pop! It's a pain-point that many women share, and it's perfectly normal and okay to not be 100% in love with all of you. This is a self-love journey for a reason!

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High-waisted panties are great!

Again, wanting to smooth out your mid-section is normal and okay! Just about every woman I know wants to do that just going to the store. If you invest in some high-waisted panties, you'll be able to see for yourself that these bad boys will hug you in allll the right places!

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Full coverage-bras are your friends!

I know, full-coverage and boudoir seems like they don't mesh together, right? But if you're a busty babe, you know and I know that you sometimes need that extra support. Topless photos will look amazing for you, but those tiny little bra with little to no support can really make you "spill out", and it looks unflattering.

Investing in a full-coverage bra will really help you on any pose! And yes, they do still make sexy ones! ;) I promise that you are going to send me thank you flowers when you aren't having to stop every couple of minutes to fix the girls.

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And there ya have it!

Feel free to pop back to this page when you book your next curvy boudoir session. It's always a great idea to have some tips before a big event, right? As a woman, it's so easy to think that having wide hips or a not-so-flat tummy is unflattering. Again, I'm here to remind you that that's bullshit and I'm here to celebrate you!

When you book a Boudoir Session with R.H.L Boudoir, you receive:

♥ The R.H.L Makeover with a professional

♥ Up to 2 hours in the studio

♥ Complimentary Expertise and Guidance before, during and after your session

♥ Massage or dinner on moi

♥ Same-day image reveal & ordering appointment

**Your Boudoir Session does not come with any digital images or products, These can be purchased separately; collections begin at $800.00**

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