So what is this thing??

The Peep Show is a personal gift!

I love this product so much because 1.) it's adorable 2.) it allows you to gift your partner something mysterious- only they can see it! And they can see it whenever they want. It's small enough to fit in a pocket, so if they wanted something sneaky to look at while they were at work, they absolutely could get away with it! It isn't big like a photo album (even our 6x6 albums are too big to bring around).

Now I know that sounds silly. But believe me when I say this: "your partner will love this gift!"

It's so unique and almost nobody has one! This is also such a great idea in case you aren't one of those couples who want an album or any wall art from your session. There's no hard feelings, either. I totally understand not displaying such intimate artwork (even though I 100% believe detail shots like a collarbone with a necklace can be beautifully displayed ;) ).

So how can you get one??

That part is easy! It's on my A La Carte Menu, and after every boudoir session with me, you get an ordering appointment for 3 weeks after your session! If you want it so much, you can even pre-order it!

Also remember: any cash that's brought (a minimum of $300.00) will get you a 6% discount off of any collection and products!