And why I may not be the one for you.

Boudoir Photography is my passion. I literally live for this shit. The hair and makeup, the wardrobe, the beauty.. all of it! It's 100% amazing, and I encourage everyone to invest in this type of session. However, I may not want you to invest in this session with me. And this is not me being a bitch!

Your boudoir photographer should be someone you absolutely, hands-down trust. Your boudoir photographer should be someone you can tell your secrets to (only if you really want to lol), someone who you will be comfortable with being naked in front of, and someone who, essentially, you could interact with like you do with your BFF. And I'm going to be honest with you, every photographer is different. I'm different. And honestly, you may not want your go-to family photographer to also be your boudoir photographer.. and that's okay!

As I stated, every photographer is different just like every client is different. If you're more shy and reserved, you may not want someone who is very loud and energetic (or maybe you do!). If you're super bubbly and love interacting with people, then you'd probably love it if your photographer could match your energy! Regardless of who you are, and who you're looking for, just keep this tips in mind:

Your Vision

The #1 thing you absolutely want to keep an eye out for is someone who you think/know will capture what you're looking for. If you love the dark and moody vibe, but you end up hiring someone who has the light and airy feel, chances are, you are not going to love your images. They may end up being amazing, but they won't be what you expected. And that would be on you! A portfolio is super important for a photographer to have. If they don't have the style you're looking for- move on. And if they don't have one at all, that's a huge red flag.

Get on the Phone w/ Them

I know that having phone conversations nowadays is superrrr inconvenient, or they may give you anxiety attacks (guilty!), but they are so important- especially with a photographer. You need to know if you're going to connect with this person. If you're feeling awkward, or even worse... completely uncomfortable just talking with this person, imagine how this session would go. You also need to know if this is going to be in your budget, or if they offer any payment plans. A phone call is the easiest way to get all of the numbers and any confusion out of the way.

Privacy & Security

How is this person going to make sure that your images are being displayed and represented to your liking? Are they willing to not share anything at all because you want them to 100% private? These are super important questions! A professional, and real boudoir photographer will never post or share your images if you request them not to. Privacy is so vital in this industry because this is our livelihood. If we can't be trusted, then we shouldn't be booking clients. Period!

Is Their Business Legit?

Again, you may not want your go-to family photographer capturing your images. And maybe your go-to photographer hasn't made their business legal with your state, and this is more of a hobby for them... do not, I repeat, do NOT hire a boudoir photographer who is not legal, who does not have contracts, and who does not have insurance. Family photos are WAY different, and boudoir material is so so sensitive. Not only does the photographer need to protect their business and reputation, but you need to protect yourself!

So did this help you at all?

If you're very new to even thinking about having a boudoir session, then I hope you take these tips seriously. And even if you aren't new to this type of photography, and you haven't thought about any of these, then I hope you had an "ah-ha" moment while reading this! Would I love for you to work with me? Absolutely. But realistically, not everyone vibes with me, and I don't vibe with everyone! I am a very strong believer that everyone deserve to have a self-loving photo session of themselves, but in order to have that session be 100% about you, be 100% awkward-free, and be 100% easy-going, you need to connect with your photographer. If that phone call was weird and left you feeling uncomfortable, walk away. If that photographer does not shoot in the style you are looking for, walk away. Even if they tell you they'll shoot and edit in the way you want! If they do not work that way usually, chances of them being able to capture that vision is not realistically possible.

I know that every photographer has to start somewhere- I've been there myself! But do you really want them to start with you? I mean, if booking a boudoir session is more than a little out of your budget, then hiring someone who isn't charging more than $200.00 is the way to go. But if you're able to actually invest in this type of situation, then do it. Someone who just picked up a camera more than likely does not have a legal business. If they don't have a legal business, then they don't have a business attorney. If they don't have a business attorney, then they don't have any contracts. And contracts are THE MOST IMPORTANT THING for your session. You need to make sure that this photographer will represent you and themselves in the appropriate manner.