Have you been saving up for Black Friday, babe??

Wellllllll you won't have to wait for very long!! Because this year I am calling it "The PRE-Black Friday Sale" since I'm just too freaking excited to not start this shit early!!

I have FIVE PRE-Black Friday dates up for grabs!

In previous years, I would only open my pre-sale window a few days before Black Friday and have it as like a free-for-all... but this year, I. am. going. BIG.

Starting November 5th, there will only be FIVE pre-sale spots available! The Vixen's that snag a Pre-Sale Black Friday session will receive:

boudoir black friday pre-sale pricing

$199 Boudoir Session

$500 value | See below for details

(Couples sessions are discounted to $249)




That's riiiiiiight!!! When you score your amazing $199.00 session, you'll be able to snag ANOTHER session FOR FREE. There is a $99.00 retainer to hold your place, BUT that $99.00 will go towards a collection of your choice!


If my Pre-Black Friday sale is what you've been saving up for, then you're in luck!! When you're one of the lucky babes to grab only ONE OF FIVE Pre-Black Friday Spots, you'll also receive the following:

  • $1,000 product credit; this will be applied towards ANY collection of your choice!
  • FREE album upgrade; you can upgrade album size, add gilding, customized engraving, etc. The value of this is a max of $600!
  • ANY set add-on of your choice: The Honey Set, Wet T-shirt set, Feathered Hand Fan, the Murder Robe, etc.


boudoir fluffy robe

Please note: your $199 boudie session retainer fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. This session does not include any digital images or products.

My collections begin at $2,000 and my A La Carte Menu begins at $250. My client's average investment is $3,200.

I offer payment plans! In order to qualify with a payment plan with R.H.L Boudoir, you must make a minimum purchase of $800.

Please see my Collections, A La Carte Menu, & Payment Plan options below.

boudoir black friday tattoos
boudoir alternative tattoos
boudoir ocean beach babe
goddess by the sea boudoir
You thought that was it?!


When you book your $199 Boudie Session, you'll be able to snag ANOTHER full experience boudoir session!! How freaking amazing?!

Boudoir is NOT just a one-time experience; there are so many reasons to celebrate yourself more than once: just had a baby, your divorce was finalized, you just got married, etc.

Whatever you choose your session for, or sessionssss for, I am in your corner cheering you on, babe!!


boudoir photo albums product

Gem Albums

A journal is elegant in it’s simplicity, reminiscent of an heirloom passed down. It is secured with a coordinating genuine leather tie, allowing each woman to feel as if they are opening their album for the first time, every time. The Gem Collection’s 6 radiant color options are a client showstopper.

Available in size 8x8 with a minimum of 5 spreads, and a maximum of 16 spreads.

Each album is handcrafted in the Italian Tradition with durable, high-end leathers. Your spreads are printed on Photographic Paper (Fuji Crystal) and are assembled in a layflat structure by an all-female production team in Toronto, Canada.

boudoir diamond block product

Diamond Block

The Ice Cube is a 1″ thick acrylic display block with a metallic image face mounted to the backside.

This gives an amazing visual effect – ideal for a desk or display cabinet.

This also makes an amazing gift to a partner, or just to cherish yourself with.

boudoir luxury album

10x10 Album

Each album is handcrafted in the Italian Tradition with durable, high-end cover materials.

Your spreads are printed on Photographic Paper (Fuji Crystal) and are assembled in a layflat structure by an all-female production team in Toronto, Canada.

Although the 10x10 is most popular, it is also available in 8x8, 12x12, and 14x14.

Beautiful and unique gilding is also available to add to this product. If you'd like your edges to shine, I can make that happen. If you'd like a custom print- even better.

boudoir folio

2-Image Folio

Folios are ideal as an add on to an album, or as a gift to your partner.

These are all handcrafted to order.

Covers can be made to match the cover of your album.

boudoir prints

Matted Prints

Matted prints are typically added to a presentation box of their own, or framed individually.

Matted prints come in sets of 5, or can be purchased as a complete set of 25 (or more) with their own Presentation Box.

boudoir metal prints

Metal Prints

The dye sublimation process infuses the image directly into a specially coated precision cut high quality aluminum sheet to create a HD aluminum panel.

The ultra-durable scratch resistant surface is water resistant and fade resistant.

This unique process turns every image into a vibrant work of art.

Opt into a Pre-Session Payment Plan!!

Why would I pre-purchase a collection?

I am SO happy that you asked! Pre-purchasing collection gives you two things: extra goodies & peace of mind. Have you ever had a month where you had every single bill paid already & you were able to stop paying attention to your calendar? Well think of it like that! When you pre-purchase a collection, you can pay in-full or you can start a payment plan.

How do your payment plans work?

Believe it or not, when you choose to opt-in to a payment plan (or paying in-full), you'll actually end up saving money! You will get access to BONUSES that are not available unless you pre-pay!

YES! I take payment combinations of cash, credit card, Affirm, & Klarna!

YES! You can make as many payments as you want before your session.

YES! You can pay weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly depending on your preferred collection.

What is the minimum payment that I have to make in order to qualify for a special bonus?

In order to qualify for a special bonus, you must either pay in-full or opt-in to a payment plan of a minimum of $800. Collections begin at $2,000 but I do have an A La Carte Menu (listed below) that you can order from. When it comes to the day of your session & Boutique Ordering Appointment, you are able to upgrade to a larger collection if you wish. However, if you decide to purchase off of the A La Carte Menu, please keep in mind that if you later decide to purchase a collection & an item you've already pre-purchased with your payment plan is included in that collection, there are NO REFUNDS OR APPLIED CREDIT. ALL PRODUCT SALES ARE FINAL.

💋Pre-Purchase $800-$2,000: get ONE 1-Tier Bonus Item

💋Pre-Purchase $2,100-$3,000: get TWO 1-Tier Bonus Items

💋Pre-Purchase $3,100-$5,500: get TWO 1-Tier Bonus Items or ONE 2-Tier Bonus Item

💋Pre-Purchase $5,600-$7,000: get TWO 2-Tier Bonus Items or THREE 1-Tier Bonus Items

💋Pre-Purchase $7,100-$10,000: get THREE 2-Tier Bonus Items or FIVE 1-Tier Bonus Items

1-Tier Bonus Items

Digital gallery (images must be purchased) extension for 30 days

Diamond Bra & Panty Set

Murder Robe Set

Satin Sheet Set

Additional Studio Set (your session includes 3- there are 4 total)

Additional 20 minutes

2-Tier Bonus Items

Cherries & Whipped Cream Set

Wet T-Shirt Set

Chocolate Syrup Set

Poker Cards

12 Month Calendar

Diamond Block

Personal Peep Show

5x7 Metal Print

11x14 Canvas Wall Art

Album Cover Upgrade

2 Professional Headshots

50% Off of your next session (retainer fee)

Additional 45 minutes

Pre-Session Payment Plans
1 / 3

Affirm & Klarna

My absolute favorite way to make payments!! Affirm and Klarna are an AMAZING way to break your payments down into bi-weekly or monthly payments! Not only are you paying in-full with me, but your payment plans are most convenient FOR YOU.

When you signup with one or the other, you'll enter your invoice link into their app and create a "one-time use credit card".

*Affirm & Klarna are based off of credit; I do not have a say in who is denied or approved for usage of a one-time credit card.*

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boudoir investment
boudoir investment
boudoir investment