Self-Care Weekend!

with R.H.L Boudoir, Kayla Baker, & Toni McPeak

Self-Care Weekend!

with R.H.L Boudoir, Kayla Baker, & Toni McPeak

My name is Ryley.

As a mama, busy business owner, and just a woman in general, I know what it's like to feel society's expectation on how we should look and feel. I also know what it's like to lose yourself trying to please everyone. It is my mission to make sure every woman leaves feeling like the goddess that they truly are. Being a boudoir photographer allows me to bring out that inner fire that I KNOW every woman has. Booking a session with me ensures that you will rediscover yourself.

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The Self-Care Weekend

Let me walk you through this...

The Self-Care Weekend

Let me walk you through this...

This weekend is happening on may 25th & 26th. You are buying a spot for only saturday or sunday- not the entire weekend. Every spot includes a facial, mini makeover, 30-minute boudoir session, and 5 complimentary images.


You'll arrive with nothing in your hair and a completely clean face. Depending on what time your facial has been scheduled, you're welcome to arrive at the Airbnb up to 2 hours before your facial! You're welcome to come hangout, drop your things off, etc.!

Your Day

Your facial with Kayla will last 1 hour and your mini makeover with Toni will begin about an hour and half to two hours later. Once your makeover is complete, we'll jump right into wardrobe for your boudoir session! You're welcome to have an indoor session, poolside session, or both!

After the Session

Once all sessions are finished, we'll get dressed and ready to go enjoy some dinner! Although your meals are not included in your day, the first round of cocktails will be on me!

When we get back to the Airbnb, you are more than welcome to stay the night. We'll continue our girls' night, watch movies, etc. Checkout time is 10:00am.

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What's Included?


1 hour facial, mini makeover, 30-minute boudoir session, and BONUS: 5 complimentary edited images.

You'll also have the option to enjoy an overnight stay in the luxury Airbnb!


Once you've snagged your spot, you'll receive the complete itinerary within 1 week- yay!! Please keep in mind when booking that there will be BTS photos and videos going on for marketing purposes and you must be willing to sign at least a partial model release for your images to be shared.

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