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Your Boudie Sesh Prep Guide

Everything you need to know!

Your Boudie Sesh Prep Guide

Everything you need to know!

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My questionnaires are super important because there's just so much to remember in a boudoir session and I want to personalize this experience as much as possible for you, while also making sure you feel safe and heard! My questionnaire will ask you things like how comfortable you are with nudity, if you're going to be okay with me posting photos or not, etc.

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What to Bring

This part is easy! Anything you're going to feel comfortable in and any props you'd like to be photographed in/with: necklaces, a football, etc. If you're having a couples' session, for men, please bring: a pair of nice fitted slacks or jeans, a nice pair of briefs with a thick waistband, a plain fitted t-shirt or button up shirt, and anything else you may feel confident in. I try to keep this part simple because it's our job to make you feel confident and sexy before your session!

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The Night Before

  • Wash your hair and do NOT add any product after
  • Gently wash your face
  • Pack all items and accessories
  • Drink water before bed (hydrated body = glowing skin!)
  • If you have kids and need someone to watch them during session, drop them off the night before (for morning sessions). This avoids being late!
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What to Expect Day Of

Depending where we've booked our session, sessions start at 9:30am or 4:30pm. You will need to arrive with a clean and moisturized face.

When you arrive, we will begin the R.H.L Makeover experience! (personally my favorite)

Once you're all glammed up and feeling like a goddess, we will go through the outfits you've brought as well as any props/accessories. As per the questionnaire you answered, your playlist will be playing in the background, your favorite snacks and beverage will be laid out, and we will start your session!

The R.H.L Makeover lasts for about an hour, and the R.H.L Experience typically lasts 90 to 120 minutes as I guide you through a number of sexy poses.

4 weeks prior..

  • avoid new tattoos & piercings
  • avoid large hair cuts and drastic color changing until after session

2 weeks prior..

  • avoid spray tans and tanning as much as possible
  • check how your pre-session payment plan is going (if you have one). Are you paid in full?

3 days prior..

  • drink at least 4 liters of water per day to get that glowing skin
  • avoid alcohol and recreational drug use (this can dry out your skin and cause additional blemishes)
  • shave/wax your body and start applying moisturizer all over
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The Day of Your Session!

The Day of Your Session!

The Big Day!

Are you excited yet?

  • Have at least one glass of water when you wakeup
  • Have a healthy, filling breakfast (but nothing to slow you down!)
  • Do NOT wear a bra, or anything tight, to your session
  • Wear loose fitting clothing to avoid bloating and skin marks/irritation
  • Double check that you have everything
  • Leave early, and take your time on your drive
  • Blast your favorite tunes to get you pumped!!